Monday, March 5, 2012

Baby Showers


I have three friends that are pregnant, and I am excited to get to host three different showers! Each shower has a different children’s book associated with it.  The first was the Very Hungry Caterpillar, and the second was a Sweet Pea/Pea in a Pod showering with the Princess and Pea fairy tale, and the last will be Where the Wild Things are. 

Very Hungry Caterpillar

Tissue Caterpillar








Corsage (With a clothespin and magnet on the back)


Caterpillar Cake (cakelet pan from Nordic Ware)


Sweet Pea/Pea in a Pod Shower

Pea in a Pod Cupcakes


And the pea pods are not made out of fondant, but


That’s right Airheads and Skittles!  I’m not very good at tutorials but it is really easy, soften the Airheads (I put them on the stove while the cupcakes were baking), and then gently pull them in both directions. I tried using a rolling pin, but stretching them works just as well, be careful that you don’t pull them too far or you will get holes. 

In progress


I found an oval cookie cutter set and cut them out.  I used three Skittles and put them in the center, folded over and Voila! Pea Pod cupcake decorations


My mom helped me out and she actually finished them for me, and I think they are super cute!

Here is the corsage! Smaller beads would have probably worked better, but it is still cute!


Other Decorations



Used spilt peas as decorations as well!

Guests signed the respective books for each shower for the little bundle of joy!

Check back for the Wild Rumpus, from Where the Wild Things Are!

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