Friday, May 20, 2011

Too Many Projects sooo little time

My head has been full of projects since I finished my secret gift!  I have started another cross stitch piece.  This is a gift for my grandmother.
Geese remind my family of my grandfather, and the red barn with the snow is a typical Iowa scene.  I have barely begun working on it.  
I am still plugging away at the blanket that I am knitting so that makes two projects.

My other project ideas are baby quilts, I have two friends that are expecting later this year, and I want to do something special for them.  I really like this design from Moda Bake Shop for one of the friends.  And an Eric Carle inspired Hungry Caterpillar Quilt like this

for the other friend.  I haven't made the final decision on the pattern yet, but I loved Carle's books when I was younger, and this friend is a teacher so it is appropriate.  

So lots of projects are in my head, it is just getting them made, on top of having to work!  

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Haven't done much since the last time, I am taking a short break, but will begin a new project soon.

How does my flower pot grow

I love plants!  Which is a good thing since I majored in landscape architecture and work as a horticulture agent.  So I was surfing around the web doing research for a newspaper article when I stumbled across this container recipe California Dreamin at Proven Winners.  Being a Clemson girl I had to try it out, plus it has two of my favorites plants in it, coleus, and million bells!  So here is my take on the California Dreamin recipe
P5010054  Getting everything together
P5010057Cheesin while I work
P5010058Make sure there is enough potting soil
And the finished product!
The pot is from Home Depot, and the flowers were purchased from our State Farmers Market plant sale weekend.  If you have a tiny space or even want to brighten up a spot, containers are a great way to try out your green thumb.  I can’t wait for this to fill out more and really show off the orange and purple!
Go Tigers!