Monday, May 28, 2012

Misc. Projects

I find this on tutorial on Pinterest and with a big event coming up this summer, I though why not try it and see if I want to use them…..

Here is the original post from Snug as a Bug Baby

And here are my roses….



I would totally recommend using a low temp glue gun, and one that has a trigger, I used a high temp gun that you have to push the glue stick through with your finger, it was a pain.

Another Pinterest find is the tin can luminaries.  My pin was a reported spam link so I went to trusted Google and found several tutorials that said fill the can with water and freeze,


Notice that the design is already drawn on, the Google results suggested to draw it on after its frozen, that would probably work great with a simple design but trying to punch a palmetto tree and moon it was easier to drawn it before freezing.


In process, instead of using a nail, I used a metal punch, this caused little circles of tin to get in the ice, so don’t let the ice melt in the drain.  If you just a nail, you probably wouldn’t have that problem.


Will post pictures of the finished painted project.

After getting a Cricut for Christmas I finally created my first scrapbook page!


This is the title page for my travel scrapbook.  Can’t wait to keep creating with my Cricut

And finally a cross stitch update


This is a surprise for my Granny.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring has Sprung

I love flowers, so of course spring is one of my favorite seasons!  Look at some of my lovelies…..


It is suppose to be orange and purple, but the million bells have turned red :(


Shasta daisies started from seed


Peruvian lilies from Plant Delights Nursery


Working hard on a school rain garden

I have squeezed in few trips, one to Baltimore and one to Virginia and DC


At Camden Yards! My hotel overlooked it


Charm City Cake!!


Fort McHenry


Rainy Day in DC


All those lives lost in WWII


The First Lady’s Dress


The Discovery


There stands Jackson like a stone wall

Ok so being crafty has been neglected but have done some work


Finished look of my afghan


First three pieces sewn together!

P5110117 P5110119

Candies for community event, Rolo Turtles, and MM Kisses

Happy Spring!