Monday, September 13, 2010

Norwegian Treasures

Back to reality!  I had an amazing time in Norway.  It is so pretty and the weather was amazing.  Did not see much wildlife, sheep mostly.  I think everyone should add Norway to their bucket list.  I still have not had much time to sort through all of the pictures, I took 740 photos, not to mention the ones my parents took.  So it will be hard to pick my favorites! Here are a few!

Top of Pulpit Rock
Boathouse built by my great great grandfather (the light brown one)

The toll sheep

Highlander cow

Of course I couldn't not buy crafting supplies from Norway.  I have always been fascinated by Hardanger.  I actually traveled through the Hardanger region of Norway.  So I had to picked up a small piece to start on, but I am already checking out the JCS Ornament edition for more Hardanger designs.  Hopefully I can do Hardanger.
Vigdis, my wonderful hostess and guide, knits so I asked her where she buys her supplies, and picked up up some yarn and new needles as well.  I want to make a scarf out of the yarn, hopefully I can find a Norwegian pattern.  I got a deal on rose painting, as well.  Praying I bought enough yarn, 5 total.  I will be in a mess if I didn't!

Yarn in my new rose painting box

It feels amazing
Hardanger Bookmark

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  1. Ooh - lovely pictures. Looking forward to your stitching progress!