Sunday, April 7, 2013

Mailing Easter Eggs

I found this idea on Pinterest and it originally came from Giver’s Log Happy Mail.  So this Easter I decided to try it.  I sent eggs to several young children, and students studying at college, because who doesn’t love happy mail?


All the stuff!  I bought the jumbo eggs, and then stocked up on party favors to put in them.  I also sent necklaces to the baby girls along with hair clips, and socks for the college girls.  I stuffed the eggs, and taped them to make sure they didn’t pop open in delivery.

IMG_1437       IMG_1439IMG_1441       IMG_1454

Top Left: Eggs labeled Top Right: Stamped and Ready to go

*Note: Anything that weighs 13 oz or less can be mailed without being in a box, be sure to measure and calculate postage based on the PARCEL rate, not letter rate

Bottom Left: In the drop box Bottom Right: Two eggs made safely to their destination

All but two of the eggs were delivered, and I know that the post office delivered them (perks of knowing the Postmaster) so the college must have decided to keep the eggs which is sad

What crazy things have you mailed?


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