Thursday, April 28, 2011

What Next

Yay! I have finished the gift and it is being framed as I type!  So I ahead of schedule for giving it.  I am super excited about this and can’t wait to show you but I want to share it with the recipient first.  So here is a reminder of what it looked like before….


So now I have to decide what to work on next……


Oh the choices!   

And like many of you I am sure this does not even begin to cover the stash! These are just the pieces I want to start before others.  But I have decided to do another gift this time for my grandmother.  It is not very clear but the second kit on the second row is a winter corn field with a red barn and geese flying over.  Canadian geese are very special to my family because they remind us of my grandfather, so I want to work on that piece and hope to give it to her for Christmas. 

Here is an update on the BF’s piece, he thought he would beat me, ha


Right now I am back to working on my knitting at least for a little while, I hope to divide my time evenly between the time from here on out.

Happy Stitching!

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